A Focus on Planning

Our job is to help you achieve your investment goals, so you’ll be more secure for the future.

Whether your first priority is planning for retirement, managing a 401(k) pension plan or creating a tax-efficient estate plan, we can organize your financial life.

Our planning process involves these 6 Steps.

Providing you a priceless return on your investments - peace of mind.

Your Planning Process

The Right Plan Can Organize Your Financial Life.

We work with each client to develop a personal financial plan that helps them achieve their goals. Each financial plan examines and provides insights into the following areas:

  • Your goals & aspirations
  • Cash flow
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Estate planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Education planning

Personal Relationships

We coordinate with our clients' external advisors to ensure efficient, integrated decision making as we organize and create plans to achieve your financial goals.

Client Communications

Our team provides regular, ongoing communication that helps to illuminate financial information.

  • Your personal financial plan
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • Periodic face-to-face meetings
  • Weekly newsletters online
  • Prompt responses to your calls and requests for information

First Year With Baer Management

We craft a goal-driven plan – totally unique to each client – through interactive meetings involving you and your personal Baer Wealth team.

Meeting One

Goal Setting:

We use open-ended questions to set objectives for your financial life.

Investment Philosophy:

There are two goals for this portion of the meeting. The first is to share the basic guidelines Baer Wealth will follow to invest your money. The second is to clearly establish your risk tolerance.

Meeting Two

Financial Independence:

This review of your cash-flow projections over the long term focuses on how much you need to save if you are pre-retirement and how much you can spend each year if you are already financially independent.

Education Funding:

We analyze the cost of educating your children or grandchildren and discuss the most effective way of funding this goal.

Meeting Three

Investment Policy Guidelines and Portfolio Recommendations:

We review a set of written guidelines for your portfolio(s) and make specific recommendations for investing these funds – giving due consideration to short and long-term goals, income tax impact, cash-flow needs and the cost to implement the recommendations.

Meeting Four

Income Tax Review:

Together, we walk through the details of your current income tax return and, when possible, make recommendations that could reduce taxes in the future.

Risk Management Review:

This session looks at your various insurance policies from automobile to long-term care to life insurance. We make recommendations for termination or additional coverage where necessary.

Meeting Five

Estate Planning Review:

Does your current estate plan meet your goals and objectives for your family? This meeting answers that question. If needed, we will work closely with your estate-planning attorney (or assist you in engaging one) to implement changes.

Philanthropic Planning:

If you identify philanthropy as a key goal, we discuss your mission for this giving, evaluate currently employed strategies and discuss, if appropriate, ways to increase the effectiveness of your philanthropic endeavors.

Meeting Six

Portfolio Reports:

You receive your first portfolio performance report from us – offering the opportunity to review the format of these reports, answer any questions you may have, and tailor future reports to your needs.

Integration of non-portfolio investments into your financial strategy:

Throughout the process, we gather information on other assets such as real estate, timber or a closely held business. Like each client, the incorporation of these assets into a long-term, forward-looking plan is unique.

Assessment Interview:

We ask for your feedback on our progress to date in regard to your initial goals and want to hear any recommendations for improving our process or service.

Meeting Seven

Family Meeting:

If you choose, we review your financial plan with your adult children. This provides a forum for clients to communicate important issues with family members.