We Build Wealth and Change Lives. 


At Baer Wealth Management, we provide families like yours with peace of mind by creating a better understanding of your complex financial situation.  As an independent advisory firm, we offer you trustworthy, credible and experienced advice.  Our planning and investment services provide you with a blueprint for your family’s prosperity. Our commitment to our clients is focused on three core principles.



  • There is an unwavering belief that risk and return are related.
  • Access to references from existing clients that value what we have given to them and their families.
  • The comfort of knowing we eat our own cooking.

Benefit: A fiduciary liability to you
and your family, we must
always act in our client’s
best interest.


  • Independence and transparency helps us provide you with solid investment advice uncompromised by outside influence
  • Our autonomy helps to ensure that your interests come above all else
  • Baer Wealth Management allows us to diagnose what is best for you.

Benefit: The comfort in knowing that
your advisor is sitting on the
same side of the table as yourself.


  • Balancing the need to mitigate risk in unstable markets while seeking opportunities where they exist
  • Ongoing communication and educational events based on timely, relevant information helps keep you and your family on track
  • Ultimately, it comes down to what you keep, not what you make.

Benefit: The comfort in knowing that
your assets are working to
achieve your goals in the
most risk managed way possible.